Moan Moan Moan

I really do not like doing anything for my dad, because it gives him something to moan about because that is his hobby, I’m sure he wakes up in the morning and whilst other people wonder about what they will do today my dad wonders what he can moan about today.

I never get anything right according to him but he has to put up with me doing things for him because he has alienated his entire family who now rarely come to visit due to his constant moaning and putting them down.

This evening I had to pick up his prescription from the doctor and then take it next door to the chemist. That is a very simple task. Sadly the chemist was closed and there was a sign up about being open on Monday.

My dad went ballistic and although it is now five hours later he has moaned about this 12 times so far. He also moaned because his doctor wishes to see him because he keeps ordering too much of his medication.

If I do the shopping then he will moan that I did not get everything he asked for (he asks me to get things when I am out the door and walking up the landing), he will moan if I spend too much money and he even moans if I don’t spend enough!

If I go to the shop to get milk and bread an there is no bread he will moan that I did not get the bread on purpose.

There is no question that he lives to moan. He once moaned because he had nothing to moan about!

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