Mo Thinks He Is René Higuita!

Training yesterday was very fun. I actually look forward to Thursday night training more than Saturday afternoon training, even if it does mean having to travel home at night and not getting home until almost 11pm.

There were only about eight of us (well there WERE eight, I don’t know why I’m being so evasive about this) so we just forgot about training and had a match. Again I used the opportunity to get forward and do a bit of attacking play and scored some nice goals and created a few nice passes.

Every session that I do this I can feel my confidence rising each time, maybe because these training session are exactly that, training session, and not matches. There are some aspects that I need to work on such as my passing accuracy and getting into positions when I want the ball, I normally stand in front of the guy with the ball!

Mo turned up, I have not seen him in ages and it was nice to see him as he is quite funny and makes me laugh, even with his kamikaze goalkeeping skills” I swear he thinks he is the Columbian goalkeeper René Higuita?!

For the first time I did not have pie & chips on the way home.

Image by PublicDomainArchive from Pixabay

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