Misjudging The Weather

Tonight we were told that training was off and we were going to go to Hanwell Town FC to watch a football match, it was meant to be some kind of homework assignment as we were told to watch the player in our position and study what he did and did not do. This was hoped that we would see where we were going wrong and put it to use on the football pitch.

I miss-judged the weather, when I left my house it was sunny and warm so I just wore a t-shirt, but by the time I got to the ground it was bloody freezing, I spent the entire first half of the game huddling up trying to keep warm.

The game we saw was an inter league game, this is where a league picks some players from the clubs in its league and plays another league in a competition. The team we were looking at WELFA were absolutely terrible, we should have been looking at the much better Cypriot team.

The first half was terrible, but at least at halftime I got to duck into the nice warm club house for a pint of beer. As the second half started I bought a cup of hot chocolate and headed back out side but it had actually got even colder because now I was visibly shaking so much that half the contents of the cup went on the floor.

I thought “fuck this” and went back into the club house to watch the game from inside with copious pints of beer. I left the ground at about 10pm and though I could warm myself up by running to the station. For anyone wondering no that does not work.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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