Millwall TV

I again performed my awesome trick of hooking my laptop up to the TV in the front room so I could watch Millwall take on Charlton in a lunch time South London derby. I cannot remember the last time Millwall were on TV three times in a row like this, OK this one was only being shown in certain parts of the United Arab Emirates but it still counts!

The pitch was in a terrible condition, with huge pools of water in various places, whoever their groundsman is he should be sacked immediately for not doing his job properly! I’m surprised nobody was badly injured on that surface.

The 2-0 win set me up for a very good mood for the rest of the day, even not being able to go out for a beer in the evening didn’t get me down too much, although it did feel weird not going out at the weekend, and as much as I try to kid myself there is no replacement for a decent night out.

Oh well, there is always next weekend as I’ll be in Manchester and a trip to the Escape nightclub for my future stepdaughter’s birthday celebrations is pencilled in.

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