Might Be Getting A Job?

I got a phone call from Wayne last night. When he phones me he never allows the phone to ring properly. I am normally in the front room and my phone is in the bedroom. He will always wait until I’m about an inch away from the phone and then he will hang up!

I swear he is looking through my window or has some kind of webcam set up secretly so he knows when to hang up.

He said that the company where he is working is looking for people. Apparently they would not require any experience as long as the persons are willing to work hard and not slouch about and skive off.
I told him that I would be very interested and he said that he would have a word with the boss for me sometime this week.

It would be nice if this came through.

He also said that I did not have to pay anymore on the phone that I brought from him. I had agreed to pay £100 but had only paid £25 of the amount so far.

I’m wondering who this impostor is and what he has done with my money-grabbing brother!

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