Microfiber Towels Are A Goalkeeper’s Best Friend

When I first started to play in goal I would pack a small hand towel to clean my gloves on when they got muddy or too wet during a game. I had seen many professional and semi professional keepers do this, so it was always one of the items I packed into my kitbag.

That was until my nephew (who has been a goalkeeper for nearly 25 years) pointed out that they don’t carry hand towels, they carry Microfiber Towels.

These towels are lighter and less likely to damage the latex on your gloves, whereas a normal hand towel might.

At first I couldn’t afford to buy one at, so I resorted to using Microfiber Cleaning Cloths which might be smaller, but are much cheaper, even if I did have to use more of them. And they did the job, not s well as the towel might have done, but good enough.

Now I do have a microfiber towel and I absolutely love it, so much so that I have a smug little smile on my face when I see other keepers using hand towels, just like when I see them with the cheap Sondico gloves.

And as for the cloths that I have left? Well they have replaced my regular cleaning cloths in the house.

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