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[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Going away on holiday should be a time that people look forward to getting away from the stress of life back home and relaxing for a week or two. Sadly this is not always the case if you have children that you have to take on holiday with you as a lot of resorts do not cater properly for family holidays.

There is a charming collection of hotels in Riviera Maya, Mexico, that offers very reasonably priced All inclusive family vacations. These purpose built buildings (which buildings are not built on purpose?) are designed to cater for family holidays as well as couples.

If you fancy a family break there are fantastic sandy white beaches almost everywhere you look with clear blue waters to splash and swim in. Lots of activities that will keep the children enthralled for hours while you go and lie on a sun lounger and relax as these hotels are apparently ‘stress-free hotels.’

Their food is apparently also something special as their motto “We’re not just about eating, we’re about the WOW factor” is a bold statement. They gather all their ingredients fresh from the local markets and it is cooked by award-winning gourmet chefs.

The beaches are not as packed as you might expect, there are a few of them so you could easily go for a walk and not bump into another soul. Would make a perfect honeymoon holiday.

Image by Xavier Espinosa from Pixabay

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