Meh, Heh & A Shrug Of The Shoulders

Days Without Alcohol: 26

Our new three-piece suite came and although the old chairs went downstairs to the chute OK the old sofa had to be smashed up in order to get it out the door. We had to lift it up onto the back balcony (we are on the first floor!) and shove it through the balcony door when we bought it about five years ago.

It was a hard bugger to break and it was heavy and I hurt my bicep whilst taking it downstairs. Even now, some 14 hours later, my upper right arm is still aching. I’m hoping I have pulled it and not torn it as I don’t want to miss football training with Bethnal Green Celtic on February 8th.

The affiliation request went through OK apart from the fact that our team has been registered as ‘Baethnal Green Celtic‘ I have a feeling that Wayne made a mistake when filling in the form and after he told me that he can’t remember if he did I’m worried as he is our club secretary.

We ordered some training balls and when Wayne pumped them up they split at the stitching. So we now have to spend more money on buying new footballs, I’m not going to buy anything from Sports Direct anymore!

I have to take Roxy to the vet on Friday as she has that infection in her bum again. This is the third time she has had the infection (well twice, the first time it took two doses of a strong antibiotic to get rid of it) and I think she might have to be flushed out, which will be expensive and uncomfortable for her.

It has just occurred to me that Roxy has only been alive about ten months and in that time she has already been to the vet more times than I have been to the doctor in 30 years!

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