Megabus Bullies

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I have a love/hate relationship with using a budget coach company called Megabus, it isn’t the actual company itself that I have a problem with it is more the people who travel on the coaches that really get my blood boiling. If they are not being rude and inconsiderate they are setting off alarms by smuggling machine made cigars on board.

Today I again had to compete with people barging past me, and hitting me with their suitcases, as they tried to get on the coach before everyone else – blatantly ignoring the ten people who had formed a queue. I deliberately blocked their way with a combination of my body & my suitcase and reminded them of the queue. I don’t know why it is always me who has to speak up in these situations.

I was hoping to get some work done so I got myself a seat at one of the two tables and noticed a Japanese student sitting at the other table. He was joined by a couple and a couple of minutes later another couple approached him and said that they were travelling with the couple already seated and wanted to sit with them and asked him to move.

The student had his laptop out and explained that he wanted to get some course work finished on the journey and that he could not do it unless he was at the table. The standing couple then offered him £10 to move, he politely declined and they walked away muttering. The seated couple started giving him filthy looks and making snide comments about him.

We had been travelling for about an hour and the looks and comments had not stopped, the comments had become louder and they started to pull his laptop plug out of the socket and push his stuff off the table – basically acting like fucking cunts.

Again nobody said anything so it was left to me to lean over and tell them to grow up. The woman looked embarrassed but the man just said “chill man, we are just messing about”, the look on the Japanese guy’s face did not agree with the man so I pointed out that he wasn’t “messing about”, he was being a bullying cunt. We went back and forth until his mate came up the aisle asking what the problem was. I told him to tell his mate to stop picking on someone who was trying to get on with his work.

The standing man told me to shut up and that it was none of my business. No sooner had he said that the coach pulled into Watford Gap service station to change drivers, I calmly got out of my seat and asked the two men if they wanted to get off and sort it out. This was when the driver saw us and came over to see what the problem was.

Isn’t it amazing how people suddenly speak up when someone in authority comes over? When these people were trying to bully the guy out of his seat I was the only one who stood up and said something but as soon as the driver comes over almost the entire coach can’t wait to jump to his defence.

The driver shouted at the four and told them that they had two options: they could get off and carry on their journey by some other means or they could move their stuff and go and sit upstairs. After a few minutes of trying to argue they eventually moved their stuff but not before offering a parting shot at me. I yelled back “I’ll see you guys at Manchester!”

They got off at Birmingham, apparently they had caused some problems upstairs and the driver threw them off.

When we got off at Manchester the Japanese student shook my hand and thanked me for defending him.

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