Meeting The Owner Of The World’s Naughtiest Cat!

I woke up today with a hangover, I drank a total of 5 cans of Fosters yesterday and there I am lying in bed with a fucking hangover! Is this what happens as you get older? You lose your ability to absorb alcohol?

I had no football today, the manager sent a text saying the game was off and that he would let everyone know about training later. I was grateful for this because it meant I got a few more hours in bed.

I got up about 12 and got myself ready to go to Highbury & Islington to meet Francesca as we were going to watch the Swansea/Arsenal game in the pub next to the station. I’m not sure why she travels from Oakwood to see the game there, I know there are nearer pubs showing it as we have watched them in them before.

I was late, I know I was late because as I stood in the pub looking for her I could feel her glaring at me and when I turned around I was met with “You’re late!” I pick up on the little signs very quickly.

Again it was a rather fun couple of hours which were only cut short because she wanted to go home and get an early night. Having a highly demanding job, a money-demanding 19 year old son at university and a cat who likes to attack her at 4am, she is looking incredibly tired these days.

When I got home I did have a look online to see if there were any tips on how to deal with her naughty cat, the poor cow gets woken up by him attacking her face or feet at 4am every morning!

She lets him out but he goes around terrorising the neighbourhood. He goes into the houses nearby and eats the food they have left out for their own cat. One of her neighbours does home massages and he attacks her clients through the hole where they put their faces. He has had his balls cut off but that just seemed to make him worse.

Oh Nero, what is to be done with you!

Photo by Mateusz Piatkowski from FreeImages

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