Making More Of An Effort

I decided that I might as well make some sort of an effort this year when it comes to birthdays and special days and stuff. Normally I don’t and you will be lucky to get a happy birthday out of me never mind a present or a card. But so many people get quite upset when you do not celebrate that special day by purchasing them a piece of crap that they probably did not want anyway.

Well my friend Reiss’ birthday is fast approaching us (25th) and I thought that I would get him something, I know he likes football shirts so I ordered a football shirt but it was a bit cheap and I felt like a bit of a miser so I ordered two.

I bought him a Morocco 2002 shirt and a Myanmar shirt which is apparently an incredibly rare item to get hold of so I was very pleased with that particular find. I got the Morocco shirt through this morning so I shall give it him tomorrow when I see him but I shall save the Myanmar one for his birthday.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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