After a few hours sleep I decided not to book my coach home, much to the relief of my girlfriend, but it will be a long time before I want to have a drink with members of her family again as they are all lightweights when it comes to alcohol.

Although last night was not a fun night something did happen that sort of melted me a little. When my girlfriend went outside for a cigarette the daughter asked me for a cuddle and buried her face into my chest as I hugged her. My girlfriend saw it through the window and we agreed it was a nice moment.

All I wanted to do was sleep, but we only managed a few hours before we went to the daughter’s house to look after her son so she could sleep as he wasn’t letting her. The weekend was meant to be a decorating weekend for me, as I was going to decorate her bathroom, but with a 4-year old child it would be impossible so we had to postpone it.

Looking after a naughty child is not the easiest thing to do and it is even more difficult when you are crying out for sleep, something I tried to do several times but he kept poking me in the eye to wake me up.

Thankfully she woke up and we were able to go home and climb into bed at 11pm, the term “asleep before my head hit the pillow” has never been more apt. I slept until gone 12:30pm and felt more than refreshed, we had to go to her daughter’s for Sunday dinner, which was absolutely delicious, and ended up staying the night in the spare room.

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