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Bow Badgers were in action this morning as they took on East London FC in a game to help determine who would truly be the worst team in the division, even though we won 2-0 it is still us because we are still bottom by a couple of points, but we are catching them fast.

Due to a lack of players I got to play and I got to debut my new football boots, which got a lot of comments, mostly “you’d better be able to play if you have flash boots like those”. I did get to play and what is more I set up a goal and kept a clean sheet until the game was abandoned on the 75th minute.

One of East London’s player did the slowest overhead kick I’ve ever witnessed, missed the ball, and fell on his shoulder breaking his collar bone. The ambulance would take at least 30 minutes to get to him so the ref called the game off and now it is up to the league to decide whether we get the game or whether it will be replayed, we should get it as we were 2-0 up with 75 minutes played, I can’t actually remember the last time I set up a goal in a competitive match, have I purchased magic football boots?

Overall I was very pleased with how I performed in a rather inexperienced back 3 and I’m already relishing training tomorrow. My brother came to watch and was defiantly declaring that my assist was nothing more than a lucky clearance, which of course it wasn’t.

Photo by colin bamford from FreeImages

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