Mac Games And More

Have you got a Macintosh? If you have then you might be interested in a website called Mac Games And More. For those of you who do not know Mac Games And More is a website that not only offers some cracking Apple games, that you can only use on a Macintosh machine, but it also has lots of news and information about the Macintosh hardware and software programs that are available.

The website lists a lot of links to free mac games such as mac mahjong, Scrabble, jigsaw puzzles and countless others. The range of games that the site offers links to range from football, soccer and boxing right through to puzzles and fighting games.

But that is not all because the website also has a number of reviews on various Macintosh products and games such as the absolutely awesome Universal Boxing Manager, which is worth checking out.

So if you own a Mac why not pop along and see what Mac Games And More has to offer you.

Photo by Tom Naberhuis from FreeImages

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