Looks Like The Bee Gee’s Are Back On

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It looks like Bethnal Green Celtic might be well and truly happening. We tried to get this off the ground late last year but it pittered out but it looks like it is back on again now and with a bit of vengeance.

We are affiliating with the London FA this coming week so hopefully by the end of the month they will have accepted us. Once we are affiliated with the London FA then we can start applying to leagues and arranging friendlies when we get the players.

I’ve been picking Jayson’s brains quite a bit as he is very experienced in setting up teams, rules and regulations. Wayne has obviously started jumping the gun by contacting random people on web sites and asking them to join before we have even set up the club properly.

I even came up with a great nickname for the club. Since the first letter of the first two words are ‘B’ and ‘G’ I came up with The Bee Gee’s!

But things are looking good.

I took my two nephews to play football on Friday. My sister Katrina will ask me to pick them up from school sometimes and I walk through the park with them and will play football. They really enjoy this treat as they rarely get to play football. Nathan never goes anywhere when he is at home.

I got into trouble with Charlene (Jack’s mum) because Jack had decided that he was going to slide into every tackle and throw himself on the floor every time he missed a shot or was tackled. He ended up caked in the mud.

She phoned my dad and shouted down the phone at how I am never going to pick up her son ever again. I would like to point out her son is 10 years old, old enough to know not to throw himself into huge piles of mud!

I found out today that Tony Hart has died. It is hard for me to feel sad as I don’t think I ever truly forgave him for not putting any of my pictures up on the wall on his TV show. Just think how different my life might be if he had recognised my scrawls as decent art offerings!

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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