Long Time No Post!

Well a lot has happened since my last Live Journal posting. As you can tell, by the amount of time that has gone by since my last Live Journal post, I have been very busy with different projects which has restricted me from posting.

Tapp Out Radio is getting out of control these days. My email account is stuffed full of MP3 submissions from bands and artists. And no sooner have I got through them all then another lot arrives!

I’m also pissing the postman off with the amount of CDs that he is having to deliver to my house on a regular basis. He has to drag another bag around with him just to accommodate my CDs.

Please do not think that I am complaining about this, because I’m not in the slightest, I am very happy that for once Tapp Out Radio is actually getting it’s name out there and people are contacting me instead of me hounding after bands.

I might be forced to get someone in to help me get through the backlog of CDs and MP3s. I might actually ask my friend Reiss, he has a good ear when it comes to good music.

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