London Marathon Fundraising Ideas

I managed to get out today for a run in incredible windy conditions. It was so windy that I actually believed I was about to be blown away! I don’t know what it is about us runners, but we are prepared to put ourselves through such punishment in order to get ready for a race or beat a specified time.

The fundraising for my London Marathon charity place is slowly gaining momentum, I am slowly inching my way towards to the £200 mark. I think I am going to have to try something more than simply asking people on social media for donations.

That is when my mind starts to go into overdrive and I am swimming in ideas on how to fund raise – and I have started to come up with a lot of them, most of them I have no chance of pulling off on my own.

Maybe I need to start a list and whittle it down to ones I can do on my own.

Photo by Einar Hansen from FreeImages

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