Locked In A Library!

This morning I received a phone call from the employment agency that I’m signed up to. At first I thought they were going to tell me that the school that I’m working at had made another complaint against me, maybe I had not cleaned another room that nobody told me to clean?

But no, they wanted to know if I was interested in possibly becoming permanent with the school. I would no longer be employed by the agency and would be employed by the company that offers cleaning services to that school. I would get more hours (and more money) plus holiday pay and sickness pay.

I got locked in one of the rooms today. I was cleaning the library which has two floors to it. You can access the library from the first floor, the second floor or you can go into the first floor part and walk up a staircase in the middle of the room to the second floor part. Each part has two doors leading out.

I was cleaning the bottom part, needed to nip out and found that both doors were locked. I dashed upstairs to find the first door was locked but thankfully the second door was not locked. I had to drag my trolley up the middle staircase, put it in the second doorway and keep going up and down the middle stairs for the stuff I needed off the trolley.

It took ages and because of this I could not finish all the rooms I was meant to. I explained the situation to my supervisor who was OK about it and said that it was probably Oscar. Oscar is a guy who walks behind the cleaners locking any doors he finds open. He is meant to wait until we have finished the sections before locking up but he is so impatient that he will pounce a soon as we leave a classroom.

He looked in the library window and did not see anybody so he locked the doors thinking I had finished. I was bending under a table picking up the big pieces of paper at the time!

You never hear him either. He is like a ghost, you turn around and there he is like a modern version of The Candyman.

We had the interview today with the officials of the league we want to enter Bethnal Green Celtic into. I was not there as I had to work but Wayne and Reiss went and from what I have heard the league seem happy to take us on. We will find out by next week if we are in or not.

I still have to sort out getting the insurance stuff together for the players. Getting the quotes form the companies seems to be a huge problem, I bet I would not have that kind of problem if I was after auto insurance quotes!

Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

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