Letting The BNP On Question Time Was Wrong

If you had asked me a couple of years ago about my view point on having politics on TV I would have been a great supporter of such a thing. My answer would have been that giving political parties an opportunity to air their views to potential voters, and thus getting more people to vote, is a good thing and should be roundly encouraged.

That was until late last year when the BBC agreed to let the leader of the BNP to appear on the countries leading political programme.

The BNP (British National Party) is a racist party who have rather worrying views about people of different ethnic backgrounds living in the United Kingdom. And the sad thing is that their initially small group of supporters is fast gaining members. Up time last year they actually only allowed people of Caucasian origin to join the party.

I watched the Television and political debate on BBC One and felt slightly sick as the creepy Nick Griffin was allowed to defend his party and spout some views that were quite outrageous. A lot of people watched this and I think it will only heightened their cause rather than destroy it as a lot of people had hoped.

The BBC took a lot of bad press because of their decision to allow Nick Griffin a public platform. Maybe there needs to be some rules put in place for a more the preferred representational system.

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