Let’s Try Again Shall We?

After having a nice nap I felt in a much better frame of mind now. I had a sleep and then got up and went to work and was in quite a good mood as I sat on the bus listening to my Ipod. Nothing I can do about the bank and T-Mobile so no point letting it spoil my attempts at being the new me!

I was on the bus when I thought I saw Thes. It really did look like her, she had her nose buried in a book that she was trying to read but was falling asleep and doing that thing where your head drops and it wakes you up.

I was going to go and very gingerly say hello after I had finished sending a message about it on Twitter (hey, I have to do something to pass the time on the bus to and from work, Twitter currently does it) but then I saw that she had posted a message so it obviously was not her.

It would have been somewhat spooky if it was her because out of all the seats on the top deck I had chosen the one opposite her without even seeing who was sitting there. Would have been weird looking up, seeing it was her sitting there and saying something like “Oh, hello”.

My mind turned to other matters when a 17 year old girl (I know she is 17 because he said so) sat a couple of seats behind me and to the disgust of the other passengers whipped out a boob and started feeding her baby.

I’ve never really understand why doing something natural like breast-feeding is looked at in such disgust and disdain. Maybe the people who dislike it are jealous of the baby? Maybe they would like to whip theirs out but it would look like they were mental with no baby?

I’m going to see a comedian next Saturday called Manos The Greek. He is doing a show called ‘Everything You Wanted To Know About Greece But Were Afraid To Ask’. It should be a laugh, if anyone fancies a free ticket then they are welcome to come along. It will be in Camden.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. A Greek comedian telling funny things about Greece. I’ve been told it is not in a horrible way, it is more in a way of “look Greek people can be funny and quirky, let me tell you about it”.

I received a bulk email from Jenna today inviting everyone on the list to see a band that her sister is in next weekend. I was quite surprised she included me in the email (never mind the fact that she still has my email in her address book) as she is really not too keen on me. People have said this is rubbish but nobody saw the way she glared at me when I waved at her the last time I saw her when I was out with Will and Thes.

Judging how many people will be there that only tolerate me because of my friendship with Reiss I think I will give it a miss. I did listen to the songs they have on their Myspace page which sounded rather nice.

I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, I seem to be breaking everything I touch. In the past two weeks or so I’ve broken my TV (it refuses to turn on), I’ve broken one of the double-glazed windows in my bedroom (I threw a cup at it whilst asleep), I’ve broken a remote control (it fell onto my stone floor and shattered) and now I have just ripped the lighting out of the ceiling in the front room.

I walked into the front room to see the dog chewing an old walking stick, I tried to take it off her but she was holding onto it with her teeth and her front paws so I yanked it hard and the handle end flew past my head and tangled in the lighting and it all came crashing down around my head.

I think I should just lock myself in a cupboard where I can’t cause anymore damage.

Image by Willi Heidelbach from Pixabay

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