Let People Mourn In Peace

The world is still coming to terms with the news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away.

This is something that will take some time to filter through people as she was a big part of our lives. It would be nice if people who are not fans of the royal family could stop publicly celebrating the death of someone and allow the rest of us to mourn in peace.

The UK right now.

The Premier League and the Football League have postponed all football matches in the country, so millions of us are going to be bored shitless for the next few days. Was it the right decision? Considering that Rugby and other sports still going ahead I don’t believe so. It would have given many people an avenue to pay their respects with a minute’s silence and singing the national anthem at the top of their lungs.

My race on Sunday was cancelled and I’ll admit that I was frustrated at the announcement. But considering Hyde Park is where they have directed people to leave their flowers, you don’t want hundreds of sweaty people running around you while you are paying your respects.

So I’ll be doing a time trial on my own. I’ve only ever done a TT on my own once before and that was a 5k and it didn’t go very well.

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