Legs Adjusting to the Routine

I’m a little sore in the legs after my race yesterday, but by no means was I as sore as I was when I completed my first race in April. Perhaps my body is getting used to the new rigours I’m putting it through? Or maybe it likes the fact that I did no training at all for this latest race?

I went to football training in the evening, not to play, just to have a look at any new players that might turn up to try out for the new team I’m managing next season. As it turned out there were a couple of new players, but I think they will be signing for Nick’s team instead.

As we lacked another keeper for our little game at the end of the session I put my gloves on. I’ve had better games, due to feeling sore I was reluctant to dive as much as I normally would have. My lovely One gloves that were given to me by my nephew have now fallen apart and I’ve had to throw them in the bin, I’m stuck using shitty Sondico ones until I can get a new pair ordered.

I’m going to take the rest of the week off from doing any football or running so that I can give my legs enough time to rest and heal up as I’m due to take part in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10K in Stratford in 3 weeks.

Photo by Marc Garrido i Puig from FreeImages

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