Last Night Out For A Couple Of Weeks

As I had been a good boy and not hit the booze that hard over the past couple of weeks, and I booked my room and train tickets for my holiday, I thought that I’d go out for a drink or two with Reiss before he flies off for his holiday in Portugal.

It is Swedish Michael’s birthday on Monday but they were having a party last night so I bought some beer and tagged along with Reiss. For the first time ever Reiss came dressed in normal attire and he got a lot of nice remarks about it.

I wore my “I have a huge penis – but I haven’t got it with me” t-shirt.

It was a cool evening just people hanging around drinking and talking about junk. We played a game where we tie a balloon to our ankle and everyone has to try and stamp on each other’s balloons but defend their own at the same time, mine came off after about a second and floated happily across the room, like it was making a last gasp dash for freedom, one of the guys looked at me and I gave him the nod and he leaped up and snuffed out my balloon like a murderer.

After a couple of hours we headed to a pub and ended up on the top floor which was a big dance floor and it was packed with people dancing away. Michael told me that one of his friends wanted to take me home (if you know what I mean) but she did not want to because I did not have my penis with me, I told him it was right in my pocket and she went as white as a sheet!

I wanted to go to the toilet so I started snaking my way through the crowded room, I was stopped by two girls who wanted to read my t-shirt and were giggling and asking me where I had left it. It was all good fun but suddenly some guy, who was with the girls, lunged at me and started trying to rip the t-shirt from my body.

One of the girls started having a go at him but he would not stop so I headbutted him quite hard, that seemed to do the trick because he let go and staggered backwards clutching his face.

His big friend suddenly appeared out of nowhere and apologised to me, the guy then started shouting at me but his big mate just told him to shut the fuck up and that he got what he deserved for being a drunken fool.

I was very angry and pissed off at what just happened so I went to the toilet and then went and sat outside the toilets thinking about going home or even going back and giving the guy another dig for being a cock.

Thankfully I saw Reiss who was about to go into the toilet and I told him I was thinking of going home as I was pissed off, although I did not tell him about the guy or the headbutt. I eventually stayed and went back with the others.

I ended up getting home at about 4am but not before stopping off at the chip shop for a portion of chips. :)

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