Last Night I Was Hustled!

Days Without Alcohol: 19

I really need to get my arse into gear, last night I went to see a friend and during the time I was there his young son threw down a challenge to the adults in the room to a game of FIFA 2009.

Having played a bit of FIFA with my brother on a couple of occasions I was overly confident and decided to scoop up that challenge and was so sure that even I could kick this 8 year old’s arse.

Turns out that kid has no life outside of his bedroom because he was so good that he caned my arse in every single game. So badly did I lose that I had to pretend that I was letting him win just in order to save a shred of pride.

I’m not sure many believed me.

I’m going to buy a PS3 at some point and one day I’ll exact my revenge on this juvenile hustler!

Photo by Chris Chidsey from FreeImages

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