Last Night I Had A Weird Dream

I was in my Nan’s old house, she had moved from this place about ten years ago.

I was sitting in the front room with my mum and my Nan (this was weird because my Nan never sat in the front room, always the kitchen) and I got the urge to go for a dump, so I went off to use the toilet.

For some reason, in the dream, my Nan had the toilet in her kitchen next to the fridge.

So I locked the kitchen door and sat on the loo to do my business. My mum knocks on the door to ask why the kitchen door is shut and I tell her I’m on the toilet and then she goes back into the front room. My Nan then comes knocking with the same question and after I give her the same answer she toddles off to the front room as well.

Then someone knocks on the kitchen door but does not say anything. I call out that I am using the toilet, thinking it is my mum or my Nan, but the person just continues to knock on the door louder and harder.

After a couple of minutes I tell whoever it is to fuck off and the knocking stops for about two minutes.

Then I hear a huge crashing sound as an axe is put through the kitchen door. The door is then destroyed by the axe and a huge African guy comes into the kitchen.

I’ve never seen this guy before and he throws the axe on the floor and then starts shouting at me that he wants a cup of tea.

He then grabs the kettle and tries to fill it by using the water from the toilet that I’m sitting on. After a couple of seconds of him trying to drag me off the toilet my mum and Nan come in and I then wake up.

If anybody knows what this means then let me know.

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