Last Custom House Training Session

I went to get my hair cut today and was delighted to see that there was only one person in front of me and he had less hair than me, so I was confident that I’d be in and out within 20 minutes.

The man was in the chair for well over an hour! He wanted what little hair he had left trimmed, wasn’t happy with it and had more trimmed, had his hair washed, had a bit more trimmed, had it washed again, and then wanted it dyed. I was annoyed as because of this vain man I now had to throw my plans out of the window.

I wanted to go to Sports Direct to get some more bits for the forthcoming football season, pick up some cigars for my dad and get something for breakfast. Instead I had to rush to the local Sainsburys and buy a sandwich and then run home to grab my bag for training.

Today was Custom House’s last training session before we jump into our schedule of preseason friendlies. Ian (the main goalkeeper) was not going to be there so that meant that I would be able to get some more time in the sticks under my belt.

I didn’t want to do much running today due to the amount of running I would be doing on Sunday, but the fucking coach made us do some sprinting which almost killed me! I’m not joking, I was laying on the grass trying to suck in air for about ten minutes. My body wasn’t built for speed.

It was nice to see more players make the effort to attend training today, it was expected as we have a game next Saturday.

I was glad of the fact that I wasn’t going out in the evening as I was so tired that I spent the evening napping.

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