Knocking Down the Kitchen

Sometime next year the council are going to give our kitchen a makeover, this will include new flooring and new kitchen cabinets and surfaces. It is a little annoying since we already paid out of our own pocket to put down new flooring but I think we can live with this seeing as we will be getting all the above for free.

The only downside is that we will not be allowed much input into what they will be putting into our kitchen. I have heard rumours that we will be allowed to pick from a selection of colours but that is all and apparently there are not many to choose from.

If we had the money to do it ourselves then I would much rather hire in a company like RTA Kitchen Cabinets as although it would cost us money it would mean we had COMPLETE control over what kind of cabinet & surfaces go into the kitchen and what colour scheme.

A quick look at their website shows that they offer lots of different styles and I have a feeling the local council will not be offering more than two colour options.

The council are currently working on the block of flats I used to live in so maybe I could ask someone living there if I could take a peek at their kitchen when they have finished the work. But then again I already have a reputation as a weirdo and today I asked someone where they got the bush in their garden from and he couldn’t get into his house quick enough to get away from me and my weird question.

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