Just A Small List Of Things To Fix

The short time I spent at the flat today I had a bit of a walk round to see what repairs need to be done. Sadly although it is a rather small flat there are actually quite a few things that need to be repaired very quickly.

Here is a brief list.

Kitchen: Electric cooker plug socket is smashed and hanging off wall

Bathroom: 1 of the panes of glass in the window has been smashed.

Front room: 2 plug sockets smashed. Big hole in fire place where vent used to be. 4 Sky wires need removing. 2 phone sockets need removing. About a foot of skirting is missing and there is a hole.

Bedroom: Plug socket is smashed and hanging off wall. The lighting (you know, the round bit with the long wire that holds the light bulb) has been yanked from the ceiling. And is hanging there by wires.

This does not include the rubbish and filth that I have spent the past two weeks shifting.

I have no idea how to fix those problems. I’m going to speak to my mum’s husband to see if he can help as they only live a short car ride away from the new flat and apparently he is good at these types of things.

I will be getting some money from the reviews I have done at the end of the month. I am going to spend some of it on buying some small bits for the flat, but I am also going to buy myself a cheap laptop to keep at the flat so I do not get too bored when I’m there.

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