Jumping A Sinking Ship

Some of you who read my blog regularly may be aware that I play non-league football for a club called AFC Ealing (AKA Acton Town). I have long since vented my spleen on the pages of this blog about my unhappiness with not only the performances the team have put in but also certain decision off the pitch.

On October 11th I played my last game for the club. It was in a humiliating 14-1 cup battering at home against a club called Clissold Park Rangers who are doing just as badly in their division as we are in ours.

As I walked off at full time I threw my shirt and armband off in a fit of disgust. Kerry picked up my armband and slipped it into my bag as I was getting changed and while walking to the local pub I dug out the armband and threw it in the River Brent.

As I sat in the pub watching the footy scores come in over a pint or two I made a decision that it was time for me to pack it all in.

People would always ask me just why I travel half way across London to play football and I would always say that the reason was because I enjoyed playing football for the club. Sadly this is no longer the case.

I hardly go to training anymore, I used to move heaven and Earth to get to them but now if something crops up I will just text Jay and tell him I’m not coming.

Almost 80% of the team have walked out, Martin looks like he is done with the club and Jayson has been fielding teams of around 7 players who do not know each other. A small group of them know each other and only pass between themselves.

Sadly the club is dying a slow and painful death and I am jumping out before the ship goes down fully.

It has been two weeks now and although I have not said I will return I am honestly starting to miss playing football. I might have a gander and see if there is a Sunday league team looking for a slow defender. :smile:

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

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