Jubilee Sending People Cleaning Mad?

Thursday night I was helping my dad into the ambulance that takes him to the hospital for dialysis when I noticed that the mental lady two doors along was cleaning out her front garden, she was having a right go at it and was even cleaning the railing.

SIX hours later when the ambulance brought him back she was STILL out thee cleaning her front garden, she was going over what she had already cleaned. This is a woman that pisses and shits in a sink, a woman who has to be housed in a hotel three times a year because the council need to clean and fumigate her flat, why has she suddenly become a cleaning freak?

Did she receive a letter telling her that the Queen would be personally visiting her on her royal visits around the UK to celebrate her Jubilee year?

Last night I went to lock the back door when I heard running water, I thought it was raining but it was only coming from one position. On further investigation I saw that someone on the top floor was watering the potted flowers they had on their balcony – at 3:30 in the fucking morning? Who does any form of gardening at 3:30 in the fucking morning!?

I had to bring my washing in because the balconies above have guttering but no drainage system, their water simply falls over the side into the gardens below and his/her dirty water was falling on my lovely clean washing.

3:30 in the morning? It was still pitch dark outside!

I hope the queen appreciates what these mental people are doing.

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