Job Done

We rushed my girlfriend’s grandson to school and then rushed back to her place as we had to be there by 10am for the carpet to be delivered and fitted, I’m not sure why we rushed back because the lazy bastards did not turn up until gone 1pm!

They then found out that the doors were too low to accommodate carpet AND underway so they would only put carpet down and would reimburse me for the underlay which they said would be £30. I don’t think so! Everybody knows that the underlay costs the same as the carpet so I am expecting about £80-£100 back. Unfortunately I was not there to put them straight as I had to go into town to pick up a wall clock that Argos had decided not to deliver with the rest of the things.

My girlfriend will be popping in to the carpet shop in a couple of days to pick up the money, I’ve told her that she should be expecting more than £30 and to get the man to give me a call.

We picked up the grandson from school and were having a quick brew at his grandmas (my girlfriend is his nana, avoids confusion apparently) and everyone (my girlfriend, grandson, his mum and my girlfriend’s friend) wanted to get a taxi back. A taxi is cheap up here, about the same price as a bus ride.

The problem was that instead of walking home, they hired a minibus taxi and didn’t have enough so I had to pay the rest which meant I now had no money to get the bus to the coach station and the bus from Victoria to Bethnal Green. I would have to walk the 10 miles from Wythenshawe to the coach station and then walk the 7 miles from Victoria to Bethnal Green.

While I was putting the finishing touches to the bedroom, my girlfriend (unbeknown to me) was in the other room trying to borrow some money from someone so I didn’t have to walk, one of her nieces came through and lent her the money.

I got to the coach station with 30 minutes to spare and with ten minutes to go I took my place in the small queue that was forming, as the coach pulled up a group of about 40 Nigerians appeared out of nowhere and barged their way past us and got on the coach. They all wanted a double seat to themselves, and seeing as it was only a 54-seater coach (and it was fully booked) this was going to be a problem. They dumped their bags on the chairs and refused to move them when they were politely asked by other passengers.

The driver approached the Nigerian man nearest to him and said “did you buy two tickets?”, when the man said no the driver said “then move your fucking bag and let someone else sit there!”. He then yelled down the coach “and that goes for the fucking lot of you! Move your stuff if you didn’t buy two tickets!”

About twenty minutes into the journey some of them produced boxes with pizzas inside and was sharing them around with their group, the driver had to pull over and ask them to take the takeaways off the coach, we were parked up for TWENTY MINUTES while they argued with him because they did not want to throw their pizzas away. A massive bloke further down leaned over and said “if you don’t take that shit off the coach I’m gonna throw you all through the fucking window!” That worked as they all gave the driver the boxes for him to dump and we were soon on our way again.

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