Jenna Huhn, HVK Primary Light and the Morgan Horse in History

Saddle seat is one of the showiest forms of competition horseback riding and showcases the natural ability of many horses to display elegant gaits during walking, cantering and trotting. Jenna Huhn spent much of her childhood engaged in practice and competition in this elite horseback riding activity. Her horse, HVK Primary Light, is a descendant of Noble Flaire, a legend in the Morgan industry. The initials HVK stand for Herbert V. Kohler, the owner and breeder who established this championship bloodline and created a legacy that continues to dominate the Morgan show world today.

Jenna Huhn’s work with HVK Primary Light in the saddle seat competition world produced a Grand National championship for both the rider and the horse. HVK Primary Light also competed in 13 and under world driving championships and earned both reserves and Grand National championships under the guiding hand of Carl Johnson. HVK Primary Light, known to his friends as Max, is currently enjoying a well-earned retirement on a Florida farm.

The Morgan horse was first established as a distinct breed when Justin Morgan was given a stallion named Figure in payment for a debt. The descendants of this stallion were the basis for the establishment of the Morgan breed and exhibited the physical characteristics for which Morgan horses are still known today. Jenna Huhn’s HVK Primary Light enjoys an illustrious pedigree that incorporates numerous championship horses. Morgans have been used for saddle seat and driving competitions, as cavalry mounts during the Civil War and as beloved companions for children and adults throughout this breed’s long and storied history.

Photo by Robert Parzychowski from FreeImages

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