Jade Goody: The Movie?

I was waiting to pay for some items in my local shop yesterday when I glanced around and saw the front page of The Daily Star newspaper. It said that there are plans afoot to make a movie about Jade Goody’s life.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt empathy for her when it was announced that she was terminally ill but what the fuck has she done with her life that makes her so deserving of a Hollywood movie about her life? Natasha Richardson died recently and nobody gave a damn about her, and she was a respected actress!

Even David Prowse is fighting cancer at the moment, where is his creepy OK Magazine tribute-to-his-life-while-he-is-still-alive?!

Apparently the film will show that Jade truly was an inspiration to women. If you are a woman and you are inspired by Jade Goody then you need some serious psychiatric help.

Her life can hardly inspire women: Woman is born, is loud mouthed, is thick as 1,000,000 planks, goes on reality show and shows entire world her minge that looked like a hippo’s yawn, gives a blow job while entire nation watch, is racist, dies.

If you want to remember her then plant some trees and then move on with your lives.

I don’t like the woman, that is no real big secret. The stupider she became the more famous she became! Only in this country, and maybe America, could that actually happen!

This is why I don’t read the tabloids anymore, it angers up the blood. :)

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