I’ve Had My Section At Work Taken Away From Me

=The section at work that I had been cleaning used to belong to a woman called Val. Val fell arse over tit in the snow about six months ago and pretty much destroyed her wrist.

She came back last Wednesday and started helping me on my section by dusting tables. Yesterday I get told by Sue (the supervisor) that Val is now going to take over the section again and I’m going to become a roaming cleaner.

That means that if someone does not come in one day then I clean their section for them, if a certain room needs an extra clean then I get to do that as well. Today Laura and Ben were off.

I hate it when Laura is off because her job is to use the scrubbing machine and scrub the street (the name they give to the big lobby on the ground floor) and that is one thing I do not like to do because I have trouble controling the machine.

On the bus going to work a woman came up the stairs and sat opposite me. She had a rather revealing top on that showed off her cleavage. I was more interested in my newspaper than her assets.

What I did notice though was that she looked at me reading my newspaper and then slowly put her hands over her cleavage and pulled a face like I had been leering at her boobs.

I put my newspaper down, sat sideways across the seats, leaned forward and stared right at her tits for the rest of the 20 minute bus ride. I made it over-the-top obvious I was now staring at her ‘guns of navarone’.

Fucking bitch, I hope it made her really uncomfortable.

On the way home I bumped into Billy and his girlfriend. What really spooked me was when he told me that his girlfriend has spotted me, I’ve never met the women in person before. I’ve only spoken to her on Facebook.

We were both wasted and swaying.

I also told four people to fuck off when they individually approached me for a spare cigarette. I actually said “No, now fuck off!”

Busy day.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

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