I’ve Had It With My Dad!

I’ve finally given up on my dad.

I spent hours scrubbing the bathroom today, doing all those little cleaning jobs that we should do more often, and he goes in five minutes after and pees all over the wall, toilet, and floor!

He does that every single time he goes to the toilet. He does not aim, you see; he stands about a foot away from the toilet and then scratches his head with both hands as he pees all over the place!

None of my family will come anywhere near him because he has moaned, nagged, and insulted them so many times that they have become sick and tired of him. In fact, the only person who comes to see him now is one of his stepdaughters, and even she is getting fed up with him.

  • He spills coffee and soup all over the kitchen and then leaves it there, so when I wake up, the first thing I have to do is scrub dried coffee and soup stains off the kitchen counters and floor.
  • He drops crumbs all over the floor.
  • He only baths once every three months, which means he absolutely stinks, and when he does bathe, he leaves the bath absolutely filthy, and I have to clean it!
  • He opens his electric shaver and shakes the hairs onto the carpet floor.
  • He wipes his hands on the dog.
  • He blows his nose on the tea towels when he thinks I’m not looking!
  • If a neighbor throws anything out, my dad will scuttle over and drag it inside, no matter what it is or how broken it is.

If it were not for the fact that Tower Hamlets council refuses to house me (I’m not a refugee, I’m not addicted to anything, I don’t have kids, etc.), then I would be out of there so fast. No one else in their right mind would go through the shit I have to put up with.

He actually tried to ground me last month! I’m almost 28!

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