I’ve Had Better Fridays

I had to make the journey back up to Walthamstow yesterday morning in order to answer bail at Walthamstow Police Station. They tried to put the fear of God into me by saying how lucky I was that they were dropping the charges against me, nothing to do with having no fucking chance of prosecuting me then?

It stems from about three weeks ago when I got into a row with my (then) boss who started making very personal and insulting remarks and comments about me, I lost my temper and headbutted him before walking out.

I’m guessing after twatting your boss there is not much chance of you resuming your duties.

I’m not making light of what happened, obviously punching someone out is not a nice thing but if you ask me then he deserved it for making rather horrible comments and remarks about some rather personal things that I had told him in confidence in case I needed time off when I was going to see a counsellor.

Well it is over with now, I’ve been given a slap on the wrists and told not to do it again. I’m not sure if they are referring to the bit about me ‘nutting’ my boss or me trusting him by telling him things.

On the way home I had to sit next to a guy who stunk. Why do people who smell always fucking sit next to me on public transport? There could be an entire top deck of free seats on the bus yet Mr. Stinky will sit next to me.

If you smell stay at home and shower, don’t ride the fucking bus!

I have enough problems in my life I don’t need the added problem of you and your BO in my nose.

And to cap off a cracking day I lost my favourite earring. It was given to me by someone so I’m even more pissed that I lost it. It was a nice one as well, it was silver with certified diamonds in it. I have no idea what certified diamonds means but I’m guessing they are better than normal diamonds.


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