I’ve Got The Tickets!

I got my tickets through yesterday to see The Great Muta on Friday night at York Hall, Bethnal Green. It really did make my day to get my hands on them. How sad is it that at 28 years of age I still get so excited about seeing a professional wrestling legend?

Reiss is a big fan of The Great Muta and we were tentatively talking about going up to Doncaster to see him when he was schduled to appear for 1PW. But now that they have gone out of business and RQW are having him at York Hall (five minute walk from our estate) I thought he would want to come along with me.

He was all for it when I spoke to him but now that I actually have the tickets in my hand he seems to have cooled on the idea. I think the problem may be that the show is on Friday and he normally has something planned with Jen on Friday nights.

The show ends about 9pm/10pm, which is still plenty of time to get hammered with his girlfriend.

Later on I will send him a text and if he is still not keen then I will try and see if I can get a refund. Although I am not sure if that will be an option.

I also got my nice new Converse shoes through yesterday, which was really fast as they were only sent out Monday. They look much nicer than in the picture that I posted up previously.

I shall be going back to training tonight. I have not been to the last two training sessions and I did not turn up to a friendly game on Saturday. But although I have been replaced by a poor player who just happens to be younger than me, I shall be going back to training to get myself back into shape to look for another side nearer my home.

Photo by Kevin Abbott from FreeImages

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