I’ve Got A Bad Feeling

Days Without Alcohol: 32

Since I announced the date of the first training session for Bethnal Green Celtic I have had a niggling little doubt deep inside that keeps telling me that nobody is going to turn up.

I’ve had a couple of people tell me that I’m being silly and that I should think positive. After all Wayne has been contacted by quite a few people about wanting to join the club and I have some friends who wants to join as well. We have had about 20 people say yes.

But since the training session was announced I have had three friends drop out and the people that have contacted Wayne have become rather silent since he told them when training was.

I am also having another doubt about whether or not I can actually do football coaching. I’ve been spending a few hours a day looking at various drills and exercises in order to put together and enjoyable training session but I have this feeling that if anyone does show up they will fuck off home when they see what I have in store.

Another thing is that I do not know these people that Wayne has been contacting and I do not know what he has been telling them about the club. What if has told them that we pay players wages or that we are going to play in high non-league league and they then turn up to find we are a semi-pro team playing at the lower end of the football league system?

I’ve got another interview lined up with the Jobcentre on Wednesday, hopefully now I know where they are based I will not miss the appointment … not unless they moved from this address as well!

My sister came round today to help paint the rest of the passage and skirting board in the front room. She brought her kids with her and I ended up playing football for an hour with Megan, the niece who hates everyone who is not mum & dad.

I thought we had made a breakthrough but this was torn down when I walked into the front room and she screamed her head off until I went back into my room and closed the door.

If that was not bad enough, my nephew Jack made me feel really old by asking “What is a record?”

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

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