I’ve finally Found A New Home For the Mobility Scooter

It was a lovely relaxed day today. I took the missus and the two youngest ones to a pub for lunch and a couple of beers. Ruddles at £0.99 a pint? I was seriously thinking about living in the pub until after I’d consumed four of them and they ran out.

I then helped to dismantle the scooter shed that has been in my front garden for the best part of ten years. It has a mobility scooter which I have no use for and I really struggled to give the blasted thing away.

Well, my nephew’s girlfriend’s grandmother could do with it, so the nephew’s girlfriend’s dad came round and took it all away in his van.

The reason I struggled to get rid of it is due to Quingo, the company that make the scooters, not allowing you to buy parts for it, you have to have them take the bike away and repair it.

But it is now gone and my garden looks very bare and twice as big as it did before.

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