I’ve Entered Blog Idol II

I have decided to enter a competition online called Blog Idol II.

The premise of the competition is pretty straight forward, you have to get as many people to subscribe to your blog in the month of November as you can. Every week your tally is judged and you gain a set amount of points and the blog with the most points at the end of November is the winner.

They will also give extra points for the blogs who use wacky ways to get subscribers. So I am trying to think of ingenious ways of enticing people to subscribe to my blog. You are not allowed to spend any money, offer any prizes or trick people to come to your site via hijacking other sites or blogs.

My blog is small and I am competing against blogs with as many as 2,000 subscribers (this is the limit, no blog with more was allowed to enter to try and keep it far) so I shall have to try and be pretty crafty.

Ingenious Method #1

I created a group on Facebook and invited the 84 contacts I have. I also created a page for Dean Saliba Dot Com on there and asked the 84 contacts to become fans of the blog.

If you are reading this blog and you have not subscribed yet why not? You will be helping me in my quest to win Blog Idol, or at the very least not end up at the bottom of the table at the end of the month!

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