I’ve Always Wanted To Travel Machu Picchu

My friend Adrian is going to be tying the knot with his girlfriend next year. Now this would normally illicit cries of happiness from me but I haven’t said where they are getting married … they are going to get married in Massachusetts in that there America.

I think they did that on purpose. I think Adrian knew about my feelings, told his girlfriend, and they thought it would be very funny to hold the wedding in America just to annoy and irritate me!

That only works if you forget the fact that his girlfriend wanted to have the wedding in America to say goodbye to her family as she is moving to the United Kingdom, and that I had to pretty much beg for an invitation.

I may not enjoy the egotistical nature of most Americans but I am certainly not going to miss an opportunity to go and visit the country. I want to do a lot of traveling someday and a few asia tours are definitely in my pipeline (me and Reiss have even spoken about one day going to North Korea). While I’m in America I might even check out the possibility of a canada tours, but that might need to be left for another time.

One place I’d love to visit would be Machu Picchu. I know nothing about the place but it looks so interesting and beautiful. There quite a few travel companies now that will set up a tour so you can travel machu picchu.

I’m definitely going to try and stick in some time to visit a few wrestling shows while I’m over in America, let us not forget that I am still a wrestling fan geek.

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