I’ve Always Preferred Silver To Gold

If you watch even a couple of minutes of television then you will have no doubt seen the influx of adverts from companies that are offering you money for your unwanted gold. It certainly is big business, especially in this current financial climate.

My dad does it and although the way he does it makes him look like a dodgy mafia don boss (Don Larry) it is actually a legitimate business opportunity and a great way to get rid of gold you don’t want, even broken ones.

Gold isn’t the only commodity that you can make money in though. silver coins is a very under looked opportunity but it can generate just as much income as gold if done in the correct manner.

Unlike the gold method there is no melting down, you simply buy coins at a cheap price and then hold on to them and sell them on when the price picks up. It is a long term investment type thing and not a quick fix option like those gold adverts companies offer.

I’ve always preferred silver to gold.

Image by Kevin Schneider from Pixabay

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