It’s Official I’m Going To See Paul Chowdhry!

I found out this morning that my ticket to see Paul Chowdhry at the North Finchley Arts Depot on April 25th has been confirmed. It is official now, I’m going to go and see him do a one man show. This is good as I was rather disappointed that Stephen K Amos had cancelled his show there.

I’ve been told there are quite a few pubs dotted around the place so I might stick around for an about hour or two after the show finishes and check out some of the more decent ones. Although according to (my favourite pub guide) a lot of them seem to be closing down so there might only be crap ones by the time I go.

I took part in the march to remember the poor Millwall fan who died shortly after being assaulted by a policeman at the G20 demo. We met up at Bethnal Green police station and walked to the Bank Of England which is near where he died. I did not buy anything but a lot of people were laden down with flowers and Millwall shirts which were placed at the spot where he fell.

It was weird standing there wondering if any of us were about to be bombarded with stones, pieces of wood and water bottles filled with sand again. But it was fine, nobody was there to protest about G20 or anything, we were just there to remember someone that most of us knew in some way.

I spent the rest of the day either in bed or trying to apologise to people I offended the night before online.

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