It’s Been One Of Those Days (Part 2)

I thought today might be an improvement, boy was I fucking wrong!

Work should be fun tomorrow. I went in for 30 minutes and got so pissed off about the stuff that has happened to me in the past couple of days that I just walked out and went to the pub. I sat in the beer garden for a couple of hours just staring at the traffic whizzing by.

My sister had been dragging her heels about sorting out the phone line and the broadband for us for months so I decided to do it myself. I don’t like phoning her because being a mouthy chav she likes to scream and shout all the time and we don’t get on because she has kids and thinks anyone who doesn’t have them is a cunt.

So I asked my brother to ask her. He told me she hadn’t done anything so I took it upon myself to finally sort it out as I now have no internet connection at home and need one to earn a big chunk of my income.

It took me about 30 minutes. We are getting the phone installed on August 14th and the broadband will kick in on August 17th. So until then I’ll have to make use of the local internet cafe. It’s only 12 days, I can handle that, I think.

I told my dad thinking he would be pleased it was all sorted out. He just screamed in my face about me making myself busy and how he will be in hospital on the 17th. He forgets I’m not 9 anymore. The broadband pack is coming in the morning, I don’t leave for work until about 2pm. I don’t see the problem, can anyone inform me of the problem?

He phoned my sister who then phoned me and screamed and shouted down the phone for making myself busy as apparently she had arranged for Sky to come out tomorrow (she had not told us this) to sort the phone out.

How was I meant to know that if she did not tell me or my dad?

He obviously thought he had not been not melodramatic enough because he then hurled his phone at the floor and started shouting about how he has to sort everything out in the entire world. It was at this point that I slipped out and went to the pub.

Why can’t I just stay here? Nobody bothers me here as long as I pay for my beer.

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