It’s Been A While

I have not posted a lot about my new job so I thought that I would post a quick update as I know that a lot of you are just dying to know if I have fallen on my potato-shaped face yet and lost my job.

Well the answer is no.

I have just completed a month at the job and I received my first wage in fucking years! I have not succumbed to running out and spending it all, I have actually been quite reserved and have only spent about £300 of it.

The job is going OK. To be honest I am starting to see the shine coming off and am starting to realise that being a market researcher is not really a very nice position, it is certainly not something I can envision myself doing long term.

On Friday I had to take Roxy to the vet for her regular check up and worming. The vet said that apart from a swollen rectum gland she was in perfect health, he kept mentioning what great shape she was in and especially her white teeth. I’m guessing the daily dental sticks I buy from Tesco are working.

My brother came around and spent the weekend at my place. I did not mind as he bought his PS3 round and I am starting to enjoy playing the new FIFA 09 game and the Smackdown/Raw 08 game.

My dad’s new bed came Friday so we put that together and then ripped the carpet in my room out, put my new bed in and decided to move everything around. Even now at 6pm Sunday evening I am still trying to get the room sorted out.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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