It’s Been A While Since I Saw Stand-Up Comedy

I was in a pretty weird mood yesterday. I was bored out of my skull but also slightly moody and grumpy. I was talking to Wayne on MSN and could feel my brain melting and leaking out of my ear.

I said to Wayne that I wished Reiss would come online and no sooner had I uttered those words when his face slowly scrolled up my computer screen as he logged into MSN. I told Reiss that I only had Wayne to talk to and he said that Thes was online, I thought she had the hump with me but about 5 seconds later she sent me a message. I was then talking about Jenna when she suddenly logged into MSN.

Reiss then begged me to talk about Jessica Alba!

I was taking Thes to see a comedy show in Angel later in the day and was going to get there early so I asked Reiss if he knew any quiet pubs in the area. He told me The Angel was one. He then made a comment about me and Thes seeing a lot of each other lately.

I immediately put him straight and told him that we were just friends. Thes told me later that night that he had said the same thing to her as well. I think he is feeling a bit rejected as I seem to spend more time hanging out with ‘The Insane Greek Woman’ than I do with him so I sent him a text later saying if the night ended early I’d meet him in The Pup.

I wanted to get there early so I got into Angel at 6pm and had a few beers and watched Ireland kick Scotland’s arse at rugby. In typical Thes fashion she did not turn up until about 7:30. :p

I enjoyed the show, Susan Murray came in for Rob Deering which was a great surprise as I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for her (yes I know). Jarad Christmas was also very funny but Scott Capurro was the highlight for me, very rude and near the knuckle which I like.

I think Thes enjoyed it too, I saw her laughing her head off at various points, although I think some of Scott’s jokes were a bit too near the nerve for her but it was all good filthy fun.

I was up for a couple more pints afterward so Thes took us off to a pub called The Angelic which was OK as we could sit outside, smoke and talk without other people screaming in our ears or crap pop music blaring out.

Thes had consumed enough cider and wanted to go home so I put her on the bus and went to catch mine. She sent me a text which led me to believe that she might be getting hassled by someone on the bus so I told her she should get off the bus and I’d meet her and make sure she got home safely. Apparently she was OK so I ended up walking home.

I ended the night by buying a big bag of chips, petting a homeless guy’s dog and falling asleep in front of a kung-fu movie.

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