It’s Been A Weird Week

Last week was a really weird one.

Firstly I managed to complete a full week at work, no taking a day off or going home early and having it marked down as a half holiday. I have not done a full week since I joined the company for one reason or another.

Secondly I have been receiving quite a few complements from people that have started worrying me.

Monday: Kay (a woman in my office) told me that I looked nice.

Tuesday: Another girl in the office said I smelt nice. And my boss told me that I was doing very well at work (she is never nice to people so I’m including that as a complement!).

Wednesday: I bumped into David Barnett who told me that I ‘looked really healthy’.

Thursday: I was walking past a coffee shop when a woman smiled at me and said hello. After I said hello back, and carried on walking, she wolf-whistled at me.

Sadly I received no complements Friday.

I’m an absolute chick magnet!

I stupidly allowed my brother to stay over the weekend, he went home on Sunday and it was shortly after he left that I found out that he had broken my TV by pushing the buttons in so you can’t turn the volume up & down nor can you change the channels.

When I told him about this he just flatly denied he had done it. Well there were only two people in the flat and it was not not me who did it and he was the last one I saw poking the buttons rapidly and hard because he could not find the remote control.

This means when I get paid next month I will have to go out and buy a brand new TV to replace the broken one before my dad comes out of hospital as Wayne is not going to put his fat hand into his pocket and pay for it.

I stayed in most of the weekend, which meant no Reiss doing his Adrian impression. I did go to Millwall on Saturday and took my nephew Nathan with me, he loved it although he did almost shit himself every time we scored a goal. 🙂

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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