It Wasn’t My Fault

Next to my dad’s chair is next to one of those tables that has three legs. like the one in the picture below but without the fancy thing around the edge. He has everything on this table such as a big indoor plant, his mail and hospital papers, two tubs of money and his soup cup.

He wanted something from the table. Now instead of getting up or leaning over like a normal person he picked up his walking stick, wrapped the handle part around the table and pulled it towards him.

Of course the table toppled over and everything went crashing to the floor.

He immediately looked at me as if he was going to blame me but then got the hump and went to bed and left the dirt from the plant all over the floor for me to clean up.

When he woke up he was talking to someone on the phone and told them that I made him do it because I am driving him mad by not talking to him!

Photo by Bob Smith from FreeImages

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