It May Be Grim Up North But Fuck Me It Is Cheaper!

Travelling from London to Manchester by coach may not be the best thing in the world to do (just shy of five hours) but I’m too cheap to pay an extra £50 to go there by train. And the coach has free internet.

Being someone who is cheap I immediately clocked on to how cheap it is up there. Even in a cheapo shop like Primark, their shops up north actually have items that are cheaper than you will find in their shops down south. Not sure if that is even legal.

Although the prices are still too expensive for some of the people living in Manchester.

Tracy walks around tutting at the prices. I actually asked her once how much time she had spent in the HUGE Primark that is in their city centre and she said that it was too expensive, not a hint of sarcasm in her voice or anything.

When she comes to London I have to keep telling her to breathe because she keeps hyperventilating when she sees the prices down here. I swear the only words she would say all day were “HOW MUCH?!”

Even the beer is cheaper up there, and seems to be of better quality.

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