Invasion of the Gigantic Moth

While working on some articles the other night I suddenly heard a ‘clunking’ noise, I turned and saw a moth the size of my fist banging itself against my light shade that I was given when my Nan died last year. It must have noticed me looking because it flew at me and bounced off my head repeatedly until I retreated into the front room.

It wasn’t until about an hour later when I suddenly started wondering how exactly did the moth get into my room? My windows don’t open wide enough and my bedroom door is pretty much always closed. When I went back in to face the invading bastard I could not find it.

The following morning while I was cleaning up my room I looked thoroughly for the moth but could not find hide nor hair of it, later that night the little bastard reappeared and carried on his assault of my light shade and then my head when I looked at it. Where had it hidden? I pulled the room apart and still didn’t spot it sleeping/hiding!

When I say “I pulled the room apart” I really mean it, I polished every surface, I took my net curtains down for washing, I checked behind all the posters and pictures on the walls, no item was left unturned.

This morning I found the moth dead on the floor. It had given up the fight. Let this be a lesson to all of you who have ever thought of taking me on you will all suffer the same fate as this pathetic dead moth that ended up being flushed down my toilet … you might not be flushed down my toilet it would really depend on your size.

Photo by Steve Howard from FreeImages

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